The lightest roast is the most caffinated.  laughter is powerful stuff.

I had a good dose this evening. laughter with new friends. it renewed my spirit.

I shared a good dose yesterday. It lightened a friend’s load.

Overall my year was fairly serious in nature. But there was laughter sprinkled around. Some of my favorite internet-induced laughter:

Marshell. oh no… i mean marcell the shell. he smiles alot. because it’s worth it. i like that about him and I he has alot of other great qualities as well.  Marcell part 1 and Marcell part 2

Teasing the dog that sounds like my puppy roommate Bryr. Yeah, yeah?….nooooo!

John Acuff, Stuff Christians Like  worship eaagles.jesus jukes. worship leader steriotypes. christian dating. fun stuff. A recent entry that addressed my favorite song right now by John Mark McMillan sloppy wet kiss.

And the source of the most laughter this year, surprisingly, is God. Yes, I am Jesus-juking myself. because it’s true. He created humor. He created a lot of funny people. He has a funny way of twisting situations that just make me do a double-take. did that really happen? Learning how to see the beauty and the joy in everyday things has been amazing.  Also, I love hearing the way he makes other people laugh too. in humor that i don’t always get, but they find hysterical. and that makes me laugh too.


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