Adventure- roller coaster rides

My writing was funneled into my grad-school studies and left me with not much energy to write.  I have been busy absorbing and taking in this adventure!  It’s like last post was that going uphill on a rollercoaster, and coming over the other side of the hill I could barely breathe for a while.  Now I’m coasting all over the place and it’s a blast!

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buckle up, it’s adventure time.

So something strange happened in January, right when I wanted to pickup this writing thing. My life got seemingly boring. For a while. Then got so incredibly fast-paced that I could hardly write a coherent paragraph if I tried. So I didn’t.  I didn’t even journal much, which is nearly unheard of for me in the last couple years. But i’m back. It turns out God was working, as he likes to do, behind the scenes and in the unseen.

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so you wanna do missions, huh?

In Jr High I really felt called to missions.  I didn’t know what that really meant at the time.  I had only seen a couple missionaries who visited church during their time off or maybe were speakers up at camp.

Kinda like this: Being disappointed when missionaries don’t look like Indie

I didn’t understand how that call would fit into my life. I had all sorts of misconceptions.  There was an air of mystery around these people.  People looked at them with awe and wonder in their ability to give up the comforts of America to move to Japan and eat seaweed as a treat or to Africa and live in a grass hut and carry their water on their head.  But what did these people actually do??

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The lightest roast is the most caffinated.  laughter is powerful stuff.

I had a good dose this evening. laughter with new friends. it renewed my spirit.

I shared a good dose yesterday. It lightened a friend’s load.

Overall my year was fairly serious in nature. But there was laughter sprinkled around. Some of my favorite internet-induced laughter:

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making connections

Saturday, October 3rd, 2010. Something major happened.  since then my life has changed dramatically. but that is a story for another day.

Today, our church began a 21-day fast with churches worldwide ( Some friends of mine feel they would rather have the mindset of feasting on God’s provision instead of focusing on the the deprivation to receive revelation from God.  Personally, I feel this last year or so has been a continual feast of provision and grace, a time of extreme growth. I have also had 2 major fast times during the last 14 months, and don’t particularly feel lead to do another extensive fast at this point in time.  While I may be abstaining from caffeine and sweets or a meal now and then, I really want to take these 21 days to review the past year, explore passions that have been on my heart, and remember silly or amazing events.  The launch of this blog will be attempting to review a topic per day of the fast, and hopefully helping to launch this blog of mine. Continue reading